Being the most visited country in the world, France is a beauty to behold. With its world-class art and architecture, the refined philosophy penetrates to its fine culinary culture as well

Beauty in every corner

This might be the perfect place for your retreat
Its vibrant street life full of cafes, markets, bakeries, and bistros is an experience not to be missed. An incredible range of cheeses, wines, cakes, and breads makes this nation a paradise for those passionate about food and good life. For a full immersion of the fine French cuisine, a host of culinary courses from home kitchens to the world’s most prestigious cookery schools are available.
France hosts some of the most famous museums and art galleries in the world. Its delicate architecture, movie-like châteaux, stunning cathedrals, iconic landmarks made this country becomes one of the famous destinations. From the green landscapes of North France to the full-of-life famous French Riviera, this nation is a great source for those looking for inspirations. Not surprisingly, many of the most prestigious and renowned artists during many centuries have created their masterpieces in this country.

The perfect place

The “Les Landes”, southwest of France, hosts a beautiful retreat center available for all kinds of group stays. The area offers a unique combination of amazing beaches with beautiful pine forests and lakes. Known as surfer’s paradise in Europe, a yoga training or retreat can include surf lessons as part of the experience. Getting lost in the streets of charming little villages, visiting monastery and castles or meditating near the dunes, are some of the activities that can be done in this area. Relaxing activities such as horseback riding, spa treatments and walks in the nature parks are interesting add-ons to your retreat program.